Fresh in the Felix Assortment - Crunchy & Soft cat food

Fresh in the Felix Assortment – Crunchy & Soft cat food

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The Purina team has developed a new formula for cat food – Felix Crunchy & Soft! They have included three new tastes in their assortment, which your pets will enjoy every day.

  1. Felix Crunchy & Soft Junior – Chicken and vegetables – the right choice for cats who are still growing. It contains everything they need for daily playful times and healthy growth during their junior days.
  2. Felix Crunchy & Soft Adult – Salmon, tuna, and vegetables – a taste that your pets won’t be able to resist! It’s a perfect mixture of salmon, tuna, and vegetables.
  3. Felix Crunchy & Soft Adult – Chicken, turkey & vegetables – a unique combination that no cat will be able to resist.

Felix Crunch & Soft offers variety and the strengthening of the dry food segment. All the packages contain a combination of irresistible tastes, which are made from 80% crunchy granules in the shape of a cube, and 20% soft granules, in the shape of bacon.

Crunchy granules help in the preservation of the cat’s teeth and gums, while the soft ones give your pet enjoyment with every bite. There’s also the added vitamins and minerals, which give you cat vitality, good eyesight, and natural defense of its organism.

The granules contain no additives, such as artificial colors, and preservatives.

All members of the Felix family will undoubtedly enjoy the new Crunchy & Soft granules. They will not receive all the necessary vitamins and stay satiated, while the owners will be sure of the quality of the food their pets are consuming.

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