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We are devoted to distributing consumer goods as we continue to play a significant role in the development of trade in the domestic market. A large number of global, regional and local brands from our offer make up the majority of the assortment in the country – which has always been our biggest strength.

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Two decades of knowledge and experience in the distribution business

Mercata VT is a distribution company that is one of the main tobacco and consumer goods (FMCG) supplier on the market. The company is the leading tobacco distributor in Serbia, and within the FMCG portfolio, it cooperates with partners who occupy the leading or first next position in their categories.

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Flexibility and maximum focus towards our principals business objectives

We make a constant effort to justify the trust we have gained from our partners and associates.

With a dedicated approach and with the quality we provide within the consumer goods distribution business, our goal has always been to stand out as the most reliable company on the market.


Just the smell of hot tea is enough to warm us up during these cold days. When we think about tea, we wish only the best for us and our family: the traditional tea recipes from carefully picked leaves..
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