About us

About us

20 years of vast experience are behind us and countless business opportunities ahead!

Even though Mercata VT has been operating under its current name since March 2, 2020, it stands as one of the leaders in the distribution market, with over two decades of cumulated knowledge and experience. It was created as a merger of two companies Veletabak d.o.o. and Mercata d.o.o. The joint knowledge created an even stronger team with a promising future.

The company’s main goal is to achieve sustainable growth and create added value for its business partners and principals. We provide full coverage of the domestic market and support all brand related marketing activities.

Mercata VT offers more than just distribution services
– we offer a long-term strategic partnership.

Business growth and direct contact with retail and customers enable us to respond to all market changes in the shortest possible time, as well as create trends that improve the satisfaction of both business partners and consumers.

Many of the principals with whom we created significant results and increased future potential have stayed with us for over 10 years, proving we are a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Company Mercata VT operates on the territory of the Republic of Croatia through the company Veletabak and has 100% ownership share.

Over 1.000 employees

More than 400 sales representatives,
divided into two divisions: Tobacco and FMCG.

4 DC, 13 Xdock (Cross Dock)

16.500 m2 warehousing capacity.

24h / 48h delivery time.

Additional services: joining, packing, gluing.

Over 140 official vehicles + external fleet

60.000 monthly deliveries.