We make constant efforts to keep ourselves and our principals up to date with all the new market changes and trends.

Just the smell of hot tea is enough to warm us up during these cold days. When we think about tea, we wish only the best for us and our family: the traditional tea recipes from carefully picked leaves..
Bonduelle has prepared three new products from the Vapeur line! Thanks to Vapeur technology, the vegetables are cooked on steam and put in a tin immediately.
A new wave of great fun has arrived at Fun&FIt, with a focus on redesigned and easily recognizable LACTOSE-FREE oatmeals.
The Purina team has developed a new formula for cat food - Felix Crunchy & Soft! They have included three new tastes in their assortment, which your pets will enjoy every day.
Good news for pets! Friskies brings an upgrade of the dry and wet food packaging, based on the 5 promises that result from the 5 requests of pets.
Fun&Fit has been a leader in the oat flakes industry for several years now. Apart from the traditional oat, rye, barley, and spelt flakes, there are also the Mix 5 flakes, as well as the Mix 5+5, with added seeds to the flakes.