Fun&Fit Wave of Great Fun

Fun&Fit Wave of Great Fun

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A new wave of great fun has arrived at Fun&FIt, with a focus on redesigned and easily recognizable LACTOSE-FREE oatmeals.

Apart from the well-known tastes that sweeten up everyone’s day, there are two new ones:

  1. Red Fruit
  2. Coconut

It’s important to emphasize that these oatmeals are the only GLUTEN-FREE oatmeals on our market, which allows a lot more people to enjoy eating them. The whole campaign has strong marketing support, through TVC, digital, OOH, and radio channels of communication.

The campaign is defined by a colorful design and the message of a really good mood, which is something we are already used to when it comes to Fun&Fit.

The wave of great fun also includes user activation with included gifts, which you can check out on Fun&Fit’s official Facebook and instagram pages.

Make sure to take a look at the promo video for the campaign:

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