Three new flavors in the Bonduelle assortment

Three new flavors in the Bonduelle assortment

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Bonduelle has prepared three new products from the Vapeur line!

Thanks to Vapeur technology, the vegetables are cooked on steam and put in a tin immediately. That way, they retain their aroma, texture, and nutritive value. The Vapeur line of products is conceived as an answer to the newest food trends, which are natural and healthy foods, that are easy to prepare.

  1. Chickpea – Legume which will give a special charm to every meal. You can add it to the cooked meals you already like, or make hummus and falafel out of them.
  2. Borioti beans – Beans are an integral part of the cuisine in the Balkans, we know that you cannot imagine cold winter days without them.
  3. White beans – Apart from the recognizable taste we all like, white beans contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fibers that we really need.

Bonduelle thinks of you, when you don’t have time to prepare lunch for hours, but want to have a healthy meal. The vegetables from the Vapeur assortment don’t require a long preparation – take them out from the can, and your meal is ready to go!

Whether you opt for chick-pea, borloti or white beans – you are guaranteed to have a tasty, healthy, and quick meal.

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