Refreshing summer beverages – TEEKANNE Cool Sensations

Refreshing summer beverages – TEEKANNE Cool Sensations

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Immense heat waves, the scorching sun, these Summer days can sometimes be very overwhelming.

Most of us only have one thing on our minds – how to cool off and stay fresh.

This season TEEKANNE offers a new, delicious, refreshing novelty – COOL SENSATIONS ICE TEAS in bags!

Put the ice tea bags in a glass, pour cold water, ice, and some mint leaves over them, add an umbrella and there’s your real summer refreshment! No sugar and no calories!

TEEKANNE made these ice teas presentable and new with modernized recipes.
Choosing your favorite flavor might be tricky since you will most definitely like each one!

  • Raspberry – Lemon
  • Peach – Passion fruit
  • Bourtree – Mint – Lime

Cool Sensations ice tea bags are a real eye-catcher on the shelves.

Tea lovers can now enjoy a refreshing beverage even during the summer!


This ice tea has established itself as an ideal beverage for quenching thirst on the go (a bag can be put directly in a bottle of ice water), during sporting events and shopping trips and is great at helping you give up unnecessary sugar and calories. At any time and any place, these ice teas can be enjoyed spontaneously and without remorse.

Classic ice teas have usually been based exclusively on black or green tea. Now, various fruit-flavored teas have been added to the assortment.

With the new flavors, we satisfy the needs of consumers who are looking for a fresh and healthy treat, without any stimulants and above all with zero sugar. Slightly sweetened with stevia. New refreshing flavors this summer and specially developed for easy preparation using only cold water.

These new flavors offer refreshing fruity flavors with a sharp sweet note! Now you can enjoy ice teas with a clear conscience.

In 2012, TEEKANNE was the first tea manufacturer to innovate and supply the Austrian market with ice tea bags. Since then, Cool Sensations have been constantly gaining popularity.

’’Only in the last two years alone, we’ve managed to increase our sales in this segment by 130%’’ – said enthusiastically TEEKANNE’s CEO Thomas Gobel, who attributes the success in part to the fact that these products opened a new wave of ice teas.

In addition, the latest product from the ice tea family is Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified, which guarantees respect for high social and environmental standards in the cultivation of raw materials.

TEEKANNES’s corporate strategy, both in terms of raw materials and recyclable packaging, is also implemented with all Cool Sensation products.


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