New TEEKANNE tea mixtures are coming to the stores!

New TEEKANNE tea mixtures are coming to the stores!

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Just the smell of hot tea is enough to warm us up during these cold days. When we think about tea, we wish only the best for us and our family: the traditional tea recipes from carefully picked leaves which are delivered from the most quality tea plantations. If we add the story about the family’s fourth generation, who have been picking these unusual flavors for us, it’s no wonder that the TEEKANNE teas have a formidable position on our market.

Many don’t know that the first bag of tea, as we know it, was created by none other than the TEEKANNE family. A long time ago they even went a step further, by constructing the first machine for creating bags with double chambers, which helped them get closer to the international market and the cups in our homes.

TEEKANNE voćni čajevi herbal teas combine the most quality fruit and the most sophisticated notes, resulting in a unique flavor of the fruit world. The full flavor of berries and other types of fruit, picked into creative fruity mixtures, makes TEEKANNE the right choice for your refined palate. TEEKANNE also brings a wide assortment of natural herbs to your cup, so that you can relax and enjoy the highest quality herbal teas.

Novelties in the TEEKANNE tea family

Flavorfully combined tea infusions from ginger are becoming a leading trend in the whole region of Southeast Europe. That’s how the Ginger Orange tea is one of the most praised and best-selling fruit teas from the TEEKANNE family.

True tea enthusiasts can soon expect the new TEEKANNE Ginger Extra Strong tea, with 65% of ginger, which is an exceptional novelty in the tea market’s assortment. This season you will also flavor the splendid Italian Lemon tea, and you can expect a lot more novelties and exciting tea mixtures.

One thing had remained the same for about 140 years – by using intuition and the knowledge of experts, TEEKANNE offers tea lovers a complete and the most beautiful experience in tea enjoyment.

What can we expect from the new TEEKANNE flavors?

Ginger mango

Some flavors can make your mind travel. The combination of the exotic mango and the delicate ginger will take you on a spicy and flavorful trip to Thailand.

Ginger Extra Strong

GINGER – power ON! This mixture of tea with 65% of ginger and a wonderful touch of lemon, has a strong and striking flavor.

Italian lemon

Take a sip of “Lemon” tea and enjoy the fruit flavor of this wonderful tea mixture!

With these new TEEKANNE flavors, we are ready for the winter magic! Find them in all of the better-equipped grocery stores and enjoy the new tea mixtures.

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