Fun&Fit novelties: IMMUNO oat flakes

Fun&Fit novelties: IMMUNO oat flakes

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Fun&Fit has been a leader in the oat flakes industry for several years now. Apart from the traditional oat, rye, barley, and spelt flakes, there are also the Mix 5 flakes, as well as the Mix 5+5, with added seeds to the flakes.

By carefully listening to the needs of our faithful consumers, we have continued our development in the direction of oat flakes, so that we can add organic and instant ones to our offer, next to the traditional ones. Now, we present to you a completely new product – Immuno oat flakes.

Immuno oat flakes are an ideal combination of oat flakes enriched with vitamin D3 and zinc, which contribute to the normal functioning of our immune system.

This product was developed with the pharmaceutical company Phytonet and will represent a unique product on the market where the FMCG and the Swiss company joined forces, resulting in a product that boosts the mental and physical development, while also contributing to the stronger immune system and good mood, with the vitamin D3.

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