Beginning of cooperation between Fun&Fit Company and Mercata VT

Beginning of cooperation between Fun&Fit Company and Mercata VT

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Quality cooperation always comes first!

As the two leading companies in their own field of work, Fun&Fit Company and Mercata VT have established successful cooperation in the field of distribution, showing readiness to respond to the growing demands of the market and consumers.

This cooperation ensures a significant increase in the availability of Fun&Fit products on the Serbian market, but also the expansion of Mercata Vt’s strong portfolio.

Fun&Fit Company is known for its exceptional product quality, innovations, and also its quick response to all market needs and changes. We expect Mercata VT to respond to the challenge of creating added value for our company, as a new principal, by raising the availability of our product assortment throughout the stores in Serbia,“ quoted by the Fun&Fit representatives.

The Fun&Fit, Jumbo and ABC brands have been synonymous with good quality in the market for years. Modern design, zip packaging used for preserving the freshness of products of larger weights, affordable prices and continuous quality control, are just some of the factors that contribute to consumer satisfaction.

By creating extremely high quality and recognizable products, Fun&Fit Company operates according to the highest standards in food production and the IFS system. The primary concern and goal of the company is a safe, healthy, high-quality and standardized product.

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