Back to school with UHU

Back to school with UHU

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About the company:

A German company withing the Bolton Group that has been manufacturing glue for more than 80 years. 600 million consumers worldwide use Uhu. The company strives to increase product quality and reduce harmful emissions through constant innovations and breakthroughs.

Universal 7 milliliter glue

Universal Uhu transparent, liquid glue, based on synthetic resin. In a new, more practical package. 7 ml tube for quick and urgent fixes at home, office, school… Quickly and permanently glues various materials (wood, plastic, PVC, metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, rubber, cork, cardboard, paper).

Super Mario 8.2g, 21g and 40g glue stick

Back to school with UHU. This year returning to school will be more fun than ever with new animated heroes on your Uhu glue sticks. 2020. Heroes will include Super Mario and his sidekicks.

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