5 Friskies promises - a tasteful meal for pets

5 Friskies promises – a tasteful meal for pets

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Good news for pets! Friskies brings an upgrade of the dry and wet food packaging, based on the 5 promises that result from the 5 requests of pets.

5 obligations and 5 Friskies promises

This refreshment of the Friskies assortment is based on the 5 promises, resulting from the 5 obligations:

  1. 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  2. Quality
  3. Traceability
  4. Professionalism
  5. Sustainable packaging

Friskies is taking care of the happy puppies’ and kittens’ nutritional needs for generations, through its tasty and quality meals, appropriate for everyday consumption. With that honor, comes great responsibility. Friskies strives to fulfill everything they’ve made an obligation to, both to pets when it comes to food, and owners when it comes to its quality.

Through 5 promises, Friskies takes care of:

  1. Nutrition: provides a 100% complete, balanced, and tasty meal, with a combination of proteins made from animal origin and proteins from plant sources, such as cereals.
  2. Quality: conducts hundreds of tests during the process of food production
  3. Professionalism: developed by Purina experts
  4. Traceability: made from high-quality ingredients, carefully selected by the verified suppliers.
  5. Packaging: using the packages from 100% recycled materials, until the year 2025.

Friskies invests continuous effort in upgrading their products. Apart from the refreshed packaging of the dry and wet food assortment, there are small changes in the recipe and the size of granules for some products, that don’t influence the food’s quality.

All recipes are created without added artificial colors, aromas, or preservatives.

Take a look at this video and find out more about 5 Friskies’ promises for pet food.

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